[Can bacon be eaten raw]_Eat raw_How to eat

In Western food, we often see a kind of food-bacon.

Many large supermarkets now sell bacon, but many friends do not know how to eat bacon is the best choice.

In fact, the cooking of bacon is very simple, and traditional cooking and frying are all right.

So, can bacon be eaten raw?

Actually, it is not possible.

Because bacon is made from raw pork!

There are bacon where pigs are produced all over the world, but the method is different. Italian bacon is more similar to bacon in Central European countries (Anglo-Saxon area), or the Spanish-style cured sausage Tocino.Depending on the region, it is smoked, pickled with spices, or aged.

Pancetta uses three layers of pork. Generally speaking, after the meat is flattened and trimmed, it can be sold for about 20 days after salting. In fact, Pancetta’s practice varies across Italy.Pancetta is lean, because the local practice is to use the lean part of pork belly. The more common method is to add salt, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon or fresh juniper berries, And then roll the harder part outwards, tightly separate and tie it, and after sufficient ripening, slice it for cooking.

Pancetta is one of the basic ingredients in Italian cuisine.

It can be eaten raw as a cold cut, as a pasta ingredient, or added to vegetable soups, stews, or skewers.

Bacon is mainly produced in North America, while Britain and Ireland call it bacon streakybacon.

In 1500 BC Chinese cooks initially salted pork.

This will always be an early way to preserve pork, and it will also inspire the aroma of pork.

Bacon is also a type of bacon.

It is made by coating pork belly with spices and sea salt after natural air-drying. The uniformly distributed fat is smooth but not greasy, with moderate salinity and full flavor.