Beware of claustrophobia when newly married

Beware of “claustrophobia” when newly married Immediately after the honeymoon, Ai Jun found that he was increasingly intolerant of his wife’s actions. The wife always has the desire to rearrange the furniture. She called Ai Jun the day before yesterday to help move the furniture or do other things. Yesterday he asked him to help […]

Chinese medicine diet kick your lazy disease away

Chinese medicine diet kick your “lazy” disease away Chronic fatigue syndrome, referred to as CFS. CFS has been popular in developed countries for a long time. For a long time, the medical community did not have a clear understanding of it. It was not until 1988 that the Centers for Disease Control of the United […]

Instruction manual for men

Instruction manual for men Love and bread are happy marriages; air tickets and holidays are honeymoon trips. Everything about love is that you, plus me, become us, so I decided to match us from now on . force the marriage with the “Man’s Manual”?   On the seventh anniversary of our acquaintance, you have a “Man’s […]

Where does your toxin come from?

锘? Where does your “toxin” come from? The skin can be said to be a mirror reflecting the state of the body, heavy work, polluted environment, the skin will be the first to sound the alarm. When skin care products fail to solve various skin problems, it is time to remove the toxins from the […]

Drinking water soluble C100 weight loss is not scientific

锘? Drinking “water soluble C100” weight loss is not scientific “Drinking water soluble C100 can lose weight”, recently in the office white-collar workers in Yinchuan City, such a new “secret recipe” for weight loss quickly spread. Especially with the increase of temperature, some women drink “water-soluble C100” this day, which is intended to achieve weight […]

After the quarrel between the husband and wife, this do not say two words, it is really hurtful

锘? After the quarrel between the husband and wife, this “do not say two words”, it is really hurtful When couples get along, it is inevitable that there will be some contradictions. When dealing with these contradictions, not everyone can calmly and rationally look at the problem. But no matter what, sometimes inadvertently hurting others […]

Healthy five-stage old man

锘? Healthy five-stage old man May 1 is coming. For the elderly, the children of the work don’t have to go to work. They don’t have to get ready to drink and get ready for drinking. The grandchildren who go to school are also on holiday, so they don’t have to rush in succession. What […]