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Many people do n’t like to eat bitter gourd very much, because most people think that bitter gourd is not very good, and it is eaten by some people with high blood pressure and high blood fat. So ordinary young people reject bitter gourd, in fact, bitter gourdThe nutritional value is very high, and it can be paired with tofu and ham sausage when bitter melon is fried. Bitter melon is first cooked in water to remove the bitterness.

Ingredients Green bitter gourd 1 board tofu half a piece of ham two slices of egg 1 piece of bonito slice 1 moderate spoon of soy sauce 1 tablespoonThe tofu and ham are first cooked in a pan, and the beaten eggs are fried with the fried tofu ham. Then they are picked up and fried with bitter gourd. The bitter gourd is softened for about 5 minutes. Finally, put the fried egg ham on the bitter gourd, add tofu with soy sauce, and stir-fry. Then you can put the sliced fish on the plate and finish.